The Benefits of LPG Conversion


Car fuel prices are increasing and so are the profits in the gas stations. Environment friendly conversions to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) are becoming more and more popular as a viable and much cheaper source of fuel. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a hydrocarbon fuel made up of Propane and Butane. Concern over the environmental and safety impacts have prompted concerns over the use of LPG in vehicles, but concerns over the safety of the LPG have been proven premature. LPG conversion kits compare much more favorably with petrol and diesel fuels than with petrol alone. In many ways, they are a safer bet. หนังออนไลน์

Vehicle mileage is the main benefit of LPG conversion for most people. A conversion can be carried out within a few hours, even for newly qualified mechanics. The key to LPG conversion is the shear rate of efficiency. LPG prices are two-thirds that of petrol, and gas costs are up to ten times more.

For the past couple of years, the cost of LPG conversion has been rising. The price of a tank of petrol can be up to three times that of a tank of LPG. Concerns are often raised about the affordability of such fuel, but with environmental and health concerns, it seems as though LPG is here to stay.

The environmental group Fuelpipe cleaners International has beenasing its trade into the LPG sphere, pushing for the speediest possible transition to LPG in vehicles. The competition is getting tougher. xxx Last year, it advertised the £20 delivery charge as a “friendly” price fixinger.

“We’re trying to normalise LPG and bring it on more and more in the UK,” said road safety charity Euroscreen’s convenor,fareon Flint. “It’s a really effective fuel, and it’s cost-effective. “PTGuage” [ residue collect agent] “has certainly made it possible for the average motorist to afford a lower yielding strain of fuel when it comes to LPG refuelling.”

Under the Let’s Move plan, the UK government has committed to adding over one million LPG sockets to the roads by 2010. The government has also allocated £20 million in its recently announced Road Safety Grant, to promote the use of LPG and to expand the network of fuel filling points. LPG enthusiasts appear to be spoilt for choice, with more and more filling stations popping up at present.

lunels in the UK currently give out meals to motorists for converting their engines to LPG; a meal of chips and mash, with a vegetable twist is the perfect way to top them up. The price of LPG, and the way it is distributed, is similar to that of diesel. LPG is also cheaper than diesel, and has a further advantage of retaining more petrol when the engine is next used, because it turns into gas at the filling station. หีเด็ก


Engines are more efficiently built today;occupying less than 1/3rd of the space of standard petrol engines, resulting in fuel savings up to 45%. The only true LPG car in the UK, the Seat Ibiza, has a five-litre engine, comparable to many diesel engines and one of the highest fuel consumption in its class.

6.The Price

LPG is cheaper than petrol in the UK, and much cheaper than diesel. Thus, incorporating the price difference, an LPG-per-liter vehicle would be more economical than a petrol-per-liter vehicle in real-life. The fuel is less costly in the first place, and rates are constantly dropping.

7.Carbon Footprint

LPG produces fewer exhaust emissions than petrol, so it does not add to the smog in the environment – quite the opposite as after the 2003assing tax increases, carbon emissions in the UK increased by 1%. LPG is the cheapest fuel of the three, and the fuel saving efficiency is the highest of all three combined.

8.Fuel tank

As fewer liters are used with an LPG fuel tank, the fuel stays compact. LPG tanks are easily repaired in case of breakdowns compared to petrol tanks, which need sourcing every 300 miles and then filling.

9.Easy-to-use mechanism

Once the LPG fuel cap is removed, Virtu Siemens has patented an innovative ‘ self-cleaning ‘ fuel system which re-applies and renews the tank’s anti-Scotland gelling resource. The self-cleaning system is expected to extend premium LPG range to future product versions in Scotland.คลิปหีฟรี

10.Fuel consumption

Car fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15 per cent, especially in older vehicles, by converting to LPG.

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